Postdoctoral Supervisor

Department of Genetics, Harvard Medical School – Boston, MA

Guided visiting postdoctoral researcher (Valentin Dubois) in the design and characterization of a solid-state nanopore array for single molecule DNA sequencing. (September 2017 – present)

Mentored postdoctoral research fellow (Sukanya Punthambaker) in the development of a multiplex screening tool to identify variants with novel properties for applications of biotechnological interest. (September 2016 – present)


Research Assistant Supervisor

Wyss Institute of Biologically Inspired Engineering – Boston, MA

Directed research assistant (Daniel Wiegand) in the development of a differential equation-based, quantitative statistical model to predict oligonucleotide assembly reaction kinetics in gene synthesis. Mentee has been accepted to the Chemical Engineering PhD program at Northeastern University. (March 2015 – December 2016)

Managed research assistant (Michael Tung) in the implementation of a novel sequencing method by the integration of super-resolution microscopy, physical DNA stretching and structural ligation of DNA origami barcodes. Mentee has transitioned to the Bioinformatics Master’s program at Boston University. (May 2014 – February 2015)


Minority Access Program (MAP) Mentor

Department of Genetics, Harvard Medical School – Boston, MA

Supervised undergraduate summer student (Abbas Adris) in the implementation of a coarse-grain simulation model to optimize a linker-based protein attachment strategy for single molecule DNA sequencing. (May 2015 – August 2015)

Mentored undergraduate summer student (Aman Aberra) in the development of a profile-based base-caller for single molecule DNA sequencing. Mentee later became an NSF Fellow. (May 2014 – August 2014)


Undergraduate Mathematics Tutor

Columbia University – New York, NY

Taught undergraduate students one-on-one in an introductory statistic course by preparing them for quizzes, midterms and final examinations. (February 2012 – February 2014)


Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program (CSTEP) Tutor

Clarkson University – Potsdam, NY

Instructed and tutored students in courses of the Mechanical Engineering curriculum such as Fluid Mechanics, Finite Element Analysis, Mechanical Vibrations and Control, and Heat Transfer. (January 2005 – May 2007)



CSTEP Jumpstart Summer Program, SUNY Potsdam – Potsdam, NY

Planned and implemented pre-college sessions for incoming freshmen in science. (June 2004 – August 2004)


Physics Teaching Assistant

Department of Physics, SUNY Potsdam – Potsdam, NY

Responsible for departmental problem sets, exam and lab assignment grading. Assisted lab component of class, emphasizing complete and accurate scientific note taking. (August 2004 – January 2005)

Computer Science Teaching Assistant

Department of Computer Science, SUNY Potsdam – Potsdam, NY

Graded homework assignments and assisted students with their projects or material they found difficult to understand. (May 2003 – January 2005)

Peer Tutor in Mathematics

Student Success Center, SUNY Potsdam – Potsdam, NY

Responsible to help individual students to achieve higher academic results in a drop-in learning center. (August 2003 – January 2005)